NEW! Guided Travels to Japan!

Pilgrimage or Multi-City Guided Tours to Japan!
To gain insights, clear blockages and gain other insights, we organise so-called pilgrimages, or just a surprisingly great experience in Japanese Culture, shown by experienced Multi-City Guide!

In Japan Spirituality started. And everyone in Japan is Spiritual!
A special experience to feel, taste and see how this ancient culture still influences this fascinating country has on the way of life with which the inhabitants of Japan profile themselves!
By gaining more insight into their way of life, you also become more aware of life!
During this journey you can also let go of all blockages, old patterns and ways of thinking....
This obviously does not happen automatically, you will have to "work" on it, but you will also be guided very intensively!
If there are enough registrations, we will organise the trip!
All you have to do is register, pay and go... the rest will take place during your stay in Japan!
About the trip this year (31 August-12 September 2023), you can read the blog in the "Japan" section.

Japan Travel blog

Another Pilgrimage to Japan is planned for the next year!

If you are interested in joining us next year, you can register now by sending a e-mail.
We will then add you to the list of participants and as soon as there are enough participants we will plan and book the trip!

Japan Guided Travels 2024:
22 Maj - 5 June 2024 (full booked, maybe extra travel later)
October 2024 Pilgrimage or only guided tour with Experienced Guide.

The trip will then last 14 days, and is fully catered, Tickets, Hotels and Train Passes.
For this trip you should think about a price of around € 2500 p.p. (incl. guidance)
For daily food you will spend around € 20 p.p. per day. Details to follow.

The trip for Scandinavian travellers is planned from Billund, Gardermoen or Arlanda airports. 

For updated price info contact us since we offer Services in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
We reserve the right to change prices.

Your Multi-City Guide, Ronald ter Heegde, is very familiar with Japan and Japanese traditions, as well al knowing Temples, Culture, Citys, Transportation, Japanese language, Geographics and fantastic food!

Did you know that: in Japan only a few people speak English? The producs in stores usually only have written information in Japanese? Transportation by train is accurate, fast and by ordering Train Pass, a very cheap way to travel far and see a lot? A Guide can save a lot of obstacles and time, and bring you to places you never can imagine! A visit to Japan is something you never forget, shows Respect&Discipline!

E-mail us!

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