INTERACTIVE LECTURES (€ 25 for about 180 min.)

There is a lot going on at the Lecture! Topics: Past lives, Circulation of the Soul, Blockages, Trauma, Letting go of situations, Self-love, Protection from radiation or other negative influences.
Simple problems are brought out, treated and restored!
An initial input to gain insight, but also as a first step towards further treatment of problems via Consultation.

WORKSHOPS (€ 35 for about 120 min.)

In Workshops you can learn a lot, but also answers to underlying questions that come up during the workshop.
Topics such as: Workshop Sanmeigaku, (get to know your soul mission!) Energetic Cleansing, Past lives, Soul Cycle, Blockages, Traumas, Letting go of situations, Self-love, Protection against radiation and negative influences. An entrance to gain insight.

PERSONALISED CONSULTATION (€ 43 for about 45 min.)

Personal Consultation
Ask questions that you are struggling with or want answers to, ask life questions, photo readings of living or deceased loved ones, and we will answer them and provide insight if needed so you know how to proceed!



We have the solution that eliminates radiation so that you are protected from the external impact of electrosmog and radiation from 5G etc.
Sale of some products and practical tips. See even under "Protection".

We even have Workshops about Electro-smog!


There are unpleasant moments in everyone's life that can cause various blocks.
Trauma, grief, loss or just life itself.

During treatment, we look at where these blockages are coming from and dissolve them if necessary and the blockage is removed.


Sometimes you may feel tired, lifeless or even depressed.
Then it may be that your meridians/nerves are "blocked".
This treatment makes you feel free from a lot of ballast!

Your nerves are stimulated to release the "dust" so that everything can start flowing again.


Regression therapy is a treatment where we can 'look inside' the client's mind to see any blockages and resolve them!

Usually in combination with other treatments.


The need for a Treatment comes up in a personal meeting. Uniquely, Spiritual Operations can be performed on demand, whereby problems, often from several lives, are resolved! Here everything comes out, such as past life problems, trauma, blockages etc.
Your Soul can show everything and changes at the Soul level can be implemented.



Want to know who or what you were in a past life?

Make an appointment, and we will write down all the lives you still feel something of (automatic writing!) and work together to solve these possible problems!


House cleaning: all items in your home are found and cleaned.

Earth radiations, old souls, radiation, furniture placement, all included.


We can also host an evening in your home, by appointment!

The theme of the evening we decide together!
(max 20 people)


Otonamaki is the Japanese therapy of "rebirth"!

A treatment consists of: 20 minutes, wrapped in cloth, listening to music and words, then half an hour, "living through" the treatment and afterwards drinking delicious green tea, and we will discuss your experiences.


It is also possible to have a treatment with several people at the same time.

For example, when you are stuck in the same blockage/trauma!
Ask about the possibilities!


A whole day, just for you! All your traumas and blockages will be treated this day, and we will reconnect with your soul!

During the talks and treatment, you will become aware of who you are again and how you can start to feel freer!


Because of all the "pollution" from the outside world, our chakras (energy points) and our Aura can become clogged, or trauma can even create holes in your Aura!
Through this treatment, your Aura is "repaired" and you become much stronger again.
You also get an Aura protection that you can use in difficult situations.


Dissolve karmic blockages!

Usually in combination with other treatments.


During this journey, we will show you what has "accumulated" in your life that might be bothering you a lot right now.

We touch everything and make sure it all disappears at the end of the treatment!


Your body gets an energy boost again, making you function better!

Usually in combination with other treatments.


Pilgrimage in Japan was in September 2023.

For new travels for 2024 see: Travels to Japan!

Let go of all certainties! Go to yourself during your own "crossroads".

Discover your path and what you are dealing with!
Under guidance, as a group trip.


Pilgrimage in Banneux, Belgium.
Back to simplicity! Walk for yourself during your own "crossroads".

Discover your path and what you are dealing with!
Under guidance, as a group journey.


For price info: please contact us since we offer Services in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

We reserve the right to change prices.