"It was a special evening with Ronald ter Heegde.
Extraordinary things happen.
I am curious to see what it will give me."

"A lot changed positively during the spiritual evening with "past lives", thanks Ronald ter Heegde!"


Since big sessions in the Netherlands in the 90s and after reading many books like The Ninth Insight, I started to follow the "unknown", met Japanese Mediums that Ronald also worked with.

My experiences with Ronald from the Centre for Lifehelp Sanmeigaku:

I have had 6 surgeries, 2 of which resulted in nerve damage.
First treatment by Ronald was with great success: pain free again!!!
Then came the hard stuff, I was partially paralysed in my left leg after a mistake by the doctors.
After a phone contact I booked a trip to Ronald in the Netherlands to see what he could do.

Just walking up the stairs to the treatment room was already too difficult, terribly tiring and painful.
The whole body was treated and cleansed and a lot of black (negativity) energy that was in the body disappeared. I was jumping around like a child again after the heavy and long treatment!

Ronald stated another time via text message that I was sleeping badly due to earth radiation, and that I had a headache due to mould under the house. He has not seen me or the house, only received text messages from me. Anticimex was able to confirm mould in the house afterwards.

Something else:

After tips from Ronald about the food my body needs, I have lost 25kg in weight. In the shop, I "know or feel" what my body wants and now selectively buy what is good for me.
My new doctor hadn't received my medical records and did all the tests: not a single thing wrong with me anymore, all tests were perfect!

Spiritual Operations, which are interventions in the body by doctors invisible to us, I have also seen with several of Ronald's clients. Wonderful and unique, bodily defects can be restored under the supervision of Ronald.


A person (whom I know personally) with a brain haemorrhage who, after an operation in hospital, was never the same again. At Ronald's workshop they wanted to do a treatment.
The person had to sit on a chair, Ronald could stand above and look into their head and see what was going on.
Then the skull was lifted up and everything was "operated" spiritually and the skull was then put back. Invisible to us, but Ronald got to "see" what was happening with his eyes. This only happens with very well trained experienced mediums who have done this for several lives.
The person was completely changed, first surprised and then overjoyed!

Wheelchair users:

I know a person in an electric wheelchair who received a consultation in the Netherlands. Speech difficulties, depressed and frustrated, illness, child who died young was the overall picture. Negative atmosphere in the house, problems with assistants and even the chair.
After the Consultation the whole atmosphere became positive, assistants got a better feeling in the house, the user spoke clearly and had "sparkling eyes" and was full of energy again!
The chair, which "lived its own life" even though it had been replaced, turned out to have problems with interference in the energy flow in the house due to earth radiation and, among other things, the microwave oven, which with aids (small chips that Ronald provides) can be neutralised!

Carsten R, Arvika, Sweden, March 2023