Booking Lectures or Workshops

We can organise a lecture or workshop with as few as 50 participants, if you have interest and location, please contact us!

As the journey is from the Netherlands, the proximity of the airport is desirable for the venue.
This means Oslo Gardermoen and region Värmland, or Stockholm Arlanda region, Billund for Denmark.
Organisers of health fairs are also welcome to contact us and we will find a solution!

For Lecures or Workshops in Denmark we prefer Billund Airport and a venue in that area. For Japan Travels we also can travel from Copenhagen.

Lecures and Workshops in Denmark will be held in English or German, 

with translator for Danish to clarify.

För Föreläsningen och Workshops (hålles på Engelska) i Sverige brukar vi Gardermoen eller Arlanda flygplats. För resor till Japan också. 

For foredrag og workshops (på engelsk) i Norge bruker vi Gardermoen flyplass. Også for reiser til Japan.

For price info contact us, since we offer Services in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
We reserve the right to change prices.

For booking or information about our Japan Travels, Contact us!