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Centre for Lifehelp Sanmeigaku, Ronald ter Heegde, has worked as a medium for over 40 years and specialises in spiritual blockages, personal development, growth and gives lectures, workshops and consultations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, in addition to his work in the Netherlands and Japan. 

New for 2024 is Guided Travels to Japan, the Origin of Spirituality. See more under "Travels to Japan".

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Ronald ter Heegde:

- Educated in Japan: Sanmeigaku Waseda University Tokyo
- Educated in Germany: Schule für Alternative Heilmethoden
- Worked in Japan, and active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan and Scandinavia.
- Started as an assistant to one of the biggest mediums in Europe
- Participated in a 4-part documentary on Videoland in the Netherlands.
- Through contact in Scandinavia now also available by appointment
- Unique expertise: thousands of soul experiences as a Medium
- If necessary, also performs spiritual operations (!) to dissolve blockages and traumas.
- Holds lectures, workshops and consultations now also in Scandinavia by appointment.
- Speaks English, German, Dutch, Japanese and has an interpreter for Swedish.

Established office in the Netherlands, but Lectures, Workshops and Consultations also in Scandinavia!

Sanmeigaku is an eastern science that has been used for thousands of years, where you can read your life plan based on your birthday.
All your character traits, blockages and even your soul's mission are included in your life field.
This natural theory is 6,000 years old and is still used daily.
Especially in business in Japan, to hire the right people in the right place!

We are the Centre for
 Lifehelp at the Soul Level! By making you aware of your own potential, you are much steadier on your feet and better able to cope with everyday worries.

We wish to help you find yourself and your spiritual mission, and to (keep) following it!

In Scandinavia the company is called the Centre for Lifehelp Sanmeigaku. It is a Scandinavian branch based in Sweden, of the Dutch company Praktijk voor Levenshulp Sanmeigaku, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Ronald ter Heegde and his team work full-time to help people.

Centre for Lifehelp SANMEIGAKU provides insight and help to move forward in life!